Rapid CCPA Compliance & Roll Out

InfoSecEnforcer is a complete solution for CCPA compliance. It automates privacy request management (DSAR).

Our customers and partners

Web request intake, toll-free intake, workflow, verification…


Easy workflow with role based access


Conform to CCPA regulations and avoid enforcement action


Implement reasonable security to prevent private action


Data breach prevention of personal information, without expensive data discovery


Expanded personal information definition under CCPA

Rapid CCPA compliance and roll out with request automation, data breach prevention, authorized agent process and more.

  • Web-based intake form
  • Do Not Sell My Personal Data Button
  • Multi-user workflow
  • Pre-defined email templates
  • Track each request (duration, delays)
  • Alert on # of requests per consumer
  • Built-in email verification
  • Email responses and notices
  • Cost - $0 forever
  • Unlimited number of personal requests
  • Settings based on workflow
  • Securely send data to consumer
  • Audit and forensics
  • Privacy API engine - data lookup
  • 1-800 automated intake
  • Authorized agent intake
  • Additional consumer verification
  • Turn key CCPA compliance service
  • Role based access control
  • Option to deploy DLP on-prem
  • Comprehensive security console
  • Cloud access security broker

Our case studies

  • A SaaS company delivers privacy APIs to its customers
  • A popular consumer products business automates privacy requests

  • Large volume financial transaction company protects customer data

  • A major hotel business deploy privacy requests management across multiple properties

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InfoSecEnforcer delivers rapid privacy compliance and roll out. We provide software and services. Our software delivers consumer privacy rights management and automation. We also provide personal inforamtion data lookup using privacy api engine. We answer a number of questions including a) what is ccpa? b) how to become compliant c) what are ccpa regulations? d) who does ccpa apply to? e) What is do not sell my info button? f) what constitutes personal information under CCPA? g) how do i make my website compliant? h) what about privacy laws in other states? i) do i need to prepare data maps? j) how do i prepare data maps? k) how about coppa and children’s data? l) how about mobile apps? m) what are authorized agents and what is the authorized agent process?