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The Definitive Guide to Office 365 DLP

Office 365 DLP is about making data loss prevention work effectively in the Office 365 environment. This includes protecting sensitive data across all Office 365 products. It also includes defining and enforcing (role-based) access to sensitive data. And this article will provide a guide that will help you make the right choices.

Free the world of data breaches

This white paper explores a new way to approach the adoption of data breach prevention in businesses large and small – a business solution to a technical problem. Data breaches are considered a technical problem. Prevention of data breaches using a combination of technology, security policy, and operational implementation are widely known – ask your Chief Security Officer. Our solution explores ways to accelerate the adoption of these preventive methods for data breaches.


Information Security Enforcer 3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Information Security Enforcer (ISE) 3.0. The updated version has full-scale CASB features and new capabilities for controlling information being uploaded to cloud applications as well as a range of sophisticated reporting options for analyzing export of sensitive data to the cloud. Real-time data leak prevention controls potential […]